Disneyprinsesskalas och produkter för ett magiskt barnkalas

Disney Princess characters have taken many forms over the decades, which just proves that some things never go out of style.

Young girls today may be very different from their great-grandmothers, but they still love the Princess character. She’ll love you, too, if you decorate the birthday party with Disney Princess birthday party supplies.
First send out Disney Princess invitations to all the guests and invite them to your next birthday ball. Now get your house ready!

Disney Princess plates, napkins, cups and table cloths are a great start to decorate the refreshment table.

Complete your party design with Disney Princess Mylar balloons and removable wall decorations featuring your girl’s favorite Disney Princess characters. Add a personalized birthday banner, some colorful streamers and a few more balloons and you are all ready for the ball.

Naturally, your little princess will want to dress up for the occasion. Any one of the Disney Princess characters has a costume that will be great on her. Add to it a wand and a child’s crown and your little girl will have the outfit of a lifetime when the party starts.
Welcome your guests with a bang with a Cinderella standup. Or opt for a Snow White, Ariel, Aurora, or Belle standup. Pick your daughters’ favorite and have that princess be the greeter at the doorway.

Capture all the smiles that will result by taking photos next to the standup. At a full 5’1″ high, the standup may be taller than many of the girls, but they’ll look up to it in wonder. Send the pictures with a Disney Princess thank you note when the party is over.
At the party, there will be lots of opportunities for fun activities, so better stock up on some Disney Princess puzzles, sticker sheets, and velvet coloring posters.

You’ll want to have lots of toys and goodies for everybody too. It’s oodles of fun giving them out if you use the Disney Princess pull string pinata. Let each kid pull a string one at a time until the right string opens up the whole thing and everything comes tumbling out.
After all that fun, the kids are sure to be ready for birthday cake. Don’t forget to decorate the cake in the spirit of the celebration, too! The magic Disney Princess Light-Up Cake Topper makes that super easy.

Be sure you get your little girl a Disney Princess Diary so she can record all the beautiful memories of this special day. This will be a keepsake of a birthday party she will treasure for years to come. You’ll remember, too, how easy it was to arrange all this thanks to these wonderful Disney Princess party supplies.