Sanslöst roliga tider med Super Mariokalas-produkter

Years after he first came out on some of the first video games, Super Mario is beloved by kids of all ages. He keeps trudging forward and makes those hops, drops and jumps all to reach his goal.

What a great guest to have at your next children’s birthday party. Preparing for a Super Mario party is easy with Super Mario birthday party supplies.

Start with setting up the backyard with a agility game with the fun looking Super Mario Mylar balloons hanging from trees and wherever else you can put them so that your guests have to jump over, hit or kick the balloons as they try to get through the maze that you have put together.

But we get ahead of ourselves, first make sure you invite your guests by sending them a really cool Super Mario invitation. Let Super Mario himself welcome your guests into Mario’s world by decorating your home’s entrance with a tall Super Mario standup.

Up on the walls are all their favorite Super Mario’s characters. The room can be decorated with all sorts of Super Mario party supplies… the very colorful Super Mario plates and cups, table clothes and streamers give the room a very festive feel.

After your guests settle in, it’s time for the course you set up outside. Offer the winner a Super Mario t-shirt just for the occasion. End the outside activities with the Super Mario Pinata, filled with all types of Super Mario favors and candies. Each child gets to pick a string to pull and they pull them one at a time until it finally opens.

After the pinata fun let your guests play some Super Mario video games while you prepare and bring out the cake. At the end of the party, take a picture of them with the tall Super Mario standup and include it in your thank you notes. A great memento for every attendee.