Musse Piggkalas-produkter för tonvis med roligheter Disney-stil

There isn’t a kid in this world who hasn’t watched Mickey Mouse at one time or another and almost all end up loving him. The lovable mouse is a staple in kids lives and a great guest for your kid’s next birthday party.
So get ready to join Mickey’s Clubhouse for a great birthday celebration! With the terrific Mickey Mouse birthday party supplies, your party will be the talk of the town.

Just imagine, your guests arrive clutching their Mickey Clubhouse invitations in their hands all excited and anxious.

Inside your door entrance, there he stands… the Mickey Mouse Standup with his famous smile and a wave of his hand greeting all your mouseketeers.

Naturally, you’ll want to decorate your clubhouse too. That’s easy with Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Removable Wall Decorations. There are dozens of different designs, so you have thousands of decorating options. Stick some on the front door to greet the guests. Stick them on the walls of the party room where you’ll have games. Go wild!

Mickey Mylar balloons, of course with Mickey emblazoned on them are attached to the throne seat for the birthday boy and streamers with more balloons fill the room with a distinct Mickey feel.

The table completes the look with a very colorful and bright Mickey ensemble of cups and plates, napkins and a Mickey Clubhouse tablecloth. Then there are the really cool Mickey Mouse tumblers. A keepsake for sure. The first of the many your guests will get during their stay.
A stack of Mickey Clubhouse ears are on a table and one by one you crown all your young guests by giving them a pair and helping them slip them on their heads.

Pop-up books, sticker books and pads are throughout the party room for the kids to open and read and enjoy. The Mickey Mix and Match games are also out for them to play with and quickly you have them all engaged in a variety of Mickey Clubhouse themed games.

Mickey Clubhouse hi-bounce balls are waiting outside. These balls guarantee a lot of running, jumping and hunting when they lose them, which they undoubtedly will. Finally, to help your guests get their energy totally out of their system let them play the old time favorite pin the tail on the donkey game and give the one who comes closest a Disney Mickey Mouse Clubhouse T-Shirt.

Then it’s time for the genuine Mickey Pinata. Shaped like the classic Mickey Mouse ears, this classic pinata holds a ton of candy and small toys. When the birthday boy pulls the string all the goodies come tumbling down.

The cake with an appropriate Mickey Mouse cake topper and candles is the icing on the day. Once everyone has had cake and refreshments, put on the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse CD. It contains a dozen Disney songs that the kids will surely want to sign along with.
When your guests are ready to leave make a picture of each guest with the Mickey Mouse Standup and add it to the Mickey Mouse thank you notes that you will send out after the party.

So get some Mickey birthday party supplies and get set for a ton of fun, Disney style!