Barbiekalas-produkter för din lilla tjej

Get out those Barbies! The dolls, the dresses, the castle and all the accessories. And pull out Barbie’s friends too. It’s time to throw a Barbie Diamond Castle party. Your little girl is the belle of the ball and this is her chance to shine as the star.

Start your planning right by looking through all the terrific Barbie birthday party supplies. There is the wonderful centerpiece that looks like it came straight out of Cinderella’s royal realm. Barbie is all over the plates, cups, napkins, and tablecloth… everything you’ll need for the birthday refreshment table.

The walls can have pink, light blue and white streamers across the ceiling and down the walls. The personalized Princess Birthday banner is a great keepsake. Have all the kids sign their names on it as they come in and then have them help you hang it up. The Barbie Diamond Castle Mylar balloons make the castle seem that much more regal.

Speaking of regal, make sure that your Barbie princess gets her very own Barbie Castle tiara and Liana Kids Costume. It will make her feel like the princess she already is. When your guests are in hand out lots of party favors. They come in heart shaped buckets. Literally. Barbie Diamond Castle Favor Buckets hold a faux-pearl necklace, a pink heart-shaped mirror, a brush set and more.

Then let your guests have some fun with their Barbies. Hopefully on the Barbie Diamond Castle invitations you reminded them to bring their own as well so there are plenty of Barbies to play with and to fill the castle. You can even put on a Barbie movie if you want.

Then it’s time to open the Pinata! The Castle Pinata holds tons of candy and toys for all the partygoers. Fill it through the hidden opening, then let the birthday princess pull the string and watch the goodies come tumbling down.

Save the candy for later, though, after you’ve served the birthday cake. You were clever to prepare it using the Enchanted Castle Cake Pan. This baking pan is large enough to make a cake that will serve more than a dozen children.

And when it is all over, find a prince somewhere to help you clean up!! After all, that’s what Ken would do for Barbie!!